I'm Ismael

a software engineer.


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Full-stack web application that allows users to submit links to cyber security related resources based on tags and allows other users to rate those resources based on those tags. This allows other users interested in searching for resources pertaining to a given subject to find the most relevant content. Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Go, MySQL (MariaDB) running in separated dockerized containers on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu instance.

Technologies at a glance:


Gif animation of the Lights Out application.

Lights Out is a React JS application that mimics the classic 1995 electronics game of the same name. It's being hosted on a shared namecheap ubuntu instance. The cells are being stored in a two dimensional array as collections of objects. When it comes time to render, the properties of the object are being used to pass to the child cell component and a parent method is being passed to update the state of the application from that cell.

Technologies at a glance:


Gif animation of the Lights Out application.

This is a todo application created using React JS that connects to a golang backend to persist tasks. The backend is running over HTTPS with the help of Let's Encrypt. The backend and the database are both running in separate dockerized containers on a digital ocean ubuntu instance. The frontend is being hosted on a shared namecheap ubuntu instance. The application is pretty straight forward to use, add tasks and click on them once to complete/uncomplete them. Double click if you'd like to completly remove them.

Technologies at a glance:

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Current Certifications:

I'm a second year Computer Science undergraduate student at Western Governors University with a passion for building secure and scalable applications.

On top of being a full-time student, I've also worked for the County of Los Angeles since 2017 and currently serve as a Supervisor for this nation’s largest Child Support Agency. My team works closely with the Superior Court and is responsible for ensuring the large volume of orders we receive daily get processed and then ensuring those legal documents get to their respective divisions while acting in accordance with all federal, local and state laws. On top of overseeing these operations I also generate reports, perform quality control, and seek solutions to complex problems.

When I'm not "working", I like to spend time with my beautiful wife and two wonderful kids.


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